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Just as Bootleg Tapes harnesses NYC grit, Dream Catagloue vapes thought atmospheres, Pedicure Records satires the absurd, and Hospital Productions warehouses all noise, Iowa’s Warm Gospel and Twin-City transplant, Night People Records also withhold specific “auteur” curation to each of their discographies. Both sharing a similar graininesses in sound, Warm Gospel picks up a less poppy feel for music, finding roots in electronic and production drift that serenades a haunting so goosebumped that turning off any one of these tapes will only get it echoing in your skull, more-so. Night People Records is a whole other level of atmosphere — outside the lo-fi dust similarities the two labels share — drawing from pop to gaze to destroyed to cut&paste sounds that seem as though they were directly VHS-to-cassette recorded off some late-late pirate television programming. Hi.

Recently, Annalibera’s Warm Gospel cassette loveil was rereeled onto Night People Records’ latest batch of tapes, and to give it a little flavor, Anna herself “directed, edited, and produced” a video for the release’s entire recording. Now, I quoted the makings of this video, as I genuinely think the original VHS of loveil was found, marking the Night People Records’ feel a little more flagrantly, but attributing sounds in their’s and Warm Gospel’s crossover. But to digress, here is Anna’s [UPDATED] background and commentary on the video makings:

I filmed all of it in Iowa and Nebraska using an old vhs camera. The only part that could maybe be called found footage is part of one tape from my family’s videos of me at age 3, my brother as a baby and my (younger) dad mowing. But I intentionally chose that tape, played it on a tv and filmed the tv, in parts manipulating and combining them with footage i took this fall. The video took me from about August 15-November 9 to complete. My friend Bruce helped me a lot and a couple other friends manned the camera. It took a lot longer than I thought it would as I had never made a video myself before.

Let’s let both the labels describe Annalibera’s loveil sounds:

Contemplative soundscapes, using noisy atmospherics to contrast the soaring melodic qualities of her strong and beautiful voice. The haunted intimacy and lonely honesty of loveil feels unique and fresh to these well-worn ears. — Night People

Ghosts, spirits, demons, and an exorcism. An attempt to expel the things inside of our bodies which we believe to be separate from whom we actually are. Is it possible? Can our consciousness manifest itself externally from the “self?” loveil explores this question, from birth all the way to death and the afterlife from a dimension comprised of distortion, feedback, and simply beautiful ambience. — Warm Gospel


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