♫♪  Ayshay - “Warn-U”

This week sees the release of Ayshay’s Warn-U EP on Tri-Angle Records. If you were so inclined, you could bracket this under the witch house genre and thus relegate it to piles of music that have become frighteningly overwhelming and woefully hit or miss. But as with numerous other Tri-Angle releases, that would severely undermine the fact that this is no mere attempt to tick the boxes. There are no sloppily applied 808s here, just a selection of haunting drones and flitting, half-sung melodies. The track is produced from Ayshay’s own vocal chords, which presumably undergo some hefty mangling to produce such a vast sonic palette. If you have an insatiable thirst for those 808s, you can always stream a relentlessly pounding remix of the track courtesy of L.A. duo Nguzunguzu here.

• Tri-Angle: http://www.tri-anglerecords.com

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