♫♪  B L A C K I E… ALL CAPS WITH SPACES - “None Above”

My room-mates probably hate me for blastin’ B L A C K I E… ALL CAPS WITH SPACES on the regular, but what can you do? It’s music that deserves to be played loud as fuck. I mean, headphones are an option of course, provided you’d like a perforated eardrum or two.

This morning I was in rare douche form: at about 7 AM I was poppin’ off this new B L A C K I E… ALL CAPS WITH SPACES joint, “None Above” in my tiny-ass room. Much to the dismay of the rest of the household. But holy moly, this one’s a straight bone-shatterer, done left me with my jaw on the floor! I had to literally pick my jaw up and close my mouth shut with my hands! It’s a tough one to swallow, certainly, but there’s just something fucking gorgeous about this track. I like it like that though, first thing in the morning, a few rusty nails mixed in with my Froot Loops. I know that’s how B L A C K I E… ALL CAPS WITH SPACES likes his cereal.

IMAGINE YOURSELF IN A FREE AND NATURAL WORLD could be dropping any day now, there’s no release date as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled for that. Perpetuate the real.

• B L A C K I E… All Caps, With Spaces: http://blackieallcapswithspaces.com

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