♫♪  Bataille Solaire - “Mangrove”

If there’s something my sig-nif loves move than dinosaurs, let me know, because I can totally get a surgical rept-ivert operation for love. Actually, the partial meaning behind this C Monster pseudonym is because she always calls me “Monster.” And now I’m on the hunt for any version of Rampage, so we can share a mutual appreciation in giant creatures and shit. Anyhow, this “Mangrove” video is my sig-nif’s wet dream. Like, when she’s sleeping and peeing the bed, she’s definitely thinking exactly how this video appears, scene-by-scene. And it’s disgusting.

Also, Bataille Solaire restored my faith in synth-driven psych-out banging last year with BAAL​-​SHAMASH et son char céleste. I think I listened to that through and through and through, through the months of April and May. Funny “Mangrove” is popping off right now in my ears and in front of my eyes. Anyhow, new tape by Bataille Solaire called Documentaires coming out on Constellation Tatsu ASAP. So scope it that fast!

• Bataille Solaire: http://bataillesolaire.bandcamp.com
• Constellation Tatsu: http://ctatsu.com

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