“Yeah, That”

Yo, “Yeah, That” is a straight jam. I’m not into it as much as the video for the track, but I could get down with it if they played Battlehooch on the radio. Like, I’d consider listening to “Yeah, That” than most of the crud they been playin’ that I skip like a mad man. And Battlehooch brings it hard. The lyrics aren’t really lame. The instrumentals kinda linger, but it’s a jam. It’s not like they DON’T go hard, it’s just kinda meeting listeners at the middle. MAYBE it’s too safe.

But maybe that’s the point, no? The video for “Yeah, That” isn’t EXACTLY NSFW, ‘cause them gals are wearing body suites, right? And you KINDA see chest, but it’s really unnoticeable. Battlehooch is like PG-Rated. And you know, I’m WAY into G- and PG- ratings. So, on the hole, they’re DEF fun. And what a better album title — and band name, really — than Hot Lungs. “Yeah, That” came out last week, but Timberline Recordings put out Hot Lungs last year, so grip a copy ASAP before they POOF!!

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