♫♪  Beak> - “Allé Sauvage [Live at Invada Studios]”

Hey all you chickens and turkeys! Guess who’s back with a new record, out September 21, which is [checks analog watch with picture on its face of bald eagle, whose wings are the minute and hour hands], like, a few weeks from now? That’s right, it’s our old pals cheeky Beak>y! I mean, just Beak>. I got excited. Plus Beak> is from England, and don’t they say “cheeky” a lot over there? I don’t know, I’m just American trash.

Regardless, this is Beak>’s third album, >>>, aka “Triple Beak>,” because I just called it that right now, and honestly, we have to have some alternative, because who’s to say whether all those “greater than” symbols are even going to work with the html code surrounding it? There’s not a CMS on the planet that can italicize that. And here I thought computers were smart, and running our lives and whatnot.

Breathing our air.

Stealing our wives.

OK, let’s not get into my own personal robot… er, computer problems, let’s focus on all the avian sauvage allé-ing, meaning the Beak> boys are, ahem, going wild all up in Bristol’s Invada Studios! That’s right, the trio (featuring Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, in case you’ve forgotten the last decade plus like some pigeon or something) collaborated with John Minton to craft this live video for “Allé Sauvage,” a psychedelic dream sequence of krautrock intensity, the trippy visuals melding flawlessly with the synthesizer waves and motorik rhythms. Watching this makes me wonder if I’ve embraced the madness that’s currently flowing through me, or maybe it’s just that my morning coffee’s been dosed. Who knows! I see falcons.

You’ll find “Allé Sauvage” on >>>, which comes out September 21 on Temporary Residence, but I feel like I’ve said half of that already. Now all I’ve got to do is stop this laptop, which has sprouted incandescent wings, from beating itself against the windows of my living room.

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