♫♪  Ben Pagano & The Space Machine - “Killin’ It In The Kitchen”

Singer-songwriter Ben Pagano’s soulful, funky, and downright beautifully bonkers compositions will hit you like a ton of rainbow-colored bricks when you first hear them, to say nothing of that voice.

I first saw Pagano perform years ago at Bushwick’s legendary Goodbye Blue Monday (RIP) open-mic nights, where all manner of freaks and wierdos would commingle and showcase some of the most original music and performances for anyone courageous and genuinely curious enough to seek them out, and I’ve been following his music ever since.

In advance of his upcoming second album, due out April 24th on Dazzleships Records, simply titled Forms, Pagano and his band have very recently put out a video for single, “Killin’ It In The Kitchen,” which was filmed at a very familiar location in the neighborhood, and featuring cameos by some of its fixtures, have a look…

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