♫♪  Ben Vida - Slipping Control [video preview]

YO! This video is BUGGED!!! It’s like, how can we make the commercial for 5.∞ surround sound? Or would it be ∞.∞ surround sound? Well, it don’t matter questioning, cause Ben Vida been “Slipping Control” via Shelter Press in an unprecedented and completely fucked video of vocal effects. It’s like the fellah IS and ISN’T of some plane that became Earth. He’s RIGHT THERE, in front of you, and just BARELY can one hear his actual voice, but it’s mostly just a mesh of electronics that cocktails any set of ears into an oblivion of sound. The textures are of that you cannot touch. And it’s infinite tonal awkward brevity puts listeners in a place of pleasure and *funny face*. So, shit is still nice/pleasant, in an extremely awkward way.

Pressed at Pallas, in an edition of 500 copies, Ben Vida’s Slipping Control gets deep in LP length, put out by Shelter Press, and mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at D+M. It’s available to grip ASAP ASAP ASAP at Shelter Press!!!

• Ben Vida: http://benvida.blogspot.com
• Shelter Press: http://www.shelter-press.com

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