♫♪  Best Coast - “Baby I’m Crying” (Live Binaural Recording)

Mmmm fuck. Would Pocahaunted even work anywhere in the world of music today? Mayyyyybe. Does Best Coast need to continue making the same song? When the heck is Bethany gonna get her man? Wait, she popped the Wavves’ dude’s cherry right? I’m sure. Remember all the old Best Coast tapes and singles prior to her debut album? Yo, this music makes me feel hung up on shit that’s totally unimportant, no? YES! Read above. I think I like Best Coast most (specifically Bobby and Beth) in pictures rather than song or video or talking. Like the picture that’ll disappear from this post around 10 AM ‘cause it won’t be projected on our homepage anymore. It’s also SO fun to fuck around in front of cameras and the filming crew as it’s their job to capture your ego at it’s height. Good or bad?

Best Coast came out with an EP called Fade Away toward the end of last year on Jewel City. Rolling Stone cringed the “breakout release” at 36 for their favs of 2013. Fade Away is also swag jacking cassettes everywhere, as it was also put out on tape earlier this year. And I don’t love you. Not this Tuesday.

• Best Coast: http://www.bestcoast.us

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