♫♪  Big Baby - “Lucky Charm”

Lil B is less active nowadays, sure. But he left a helluva legacy. When it comes to relentless output, cross-platform social media branding, online networking, persona cultivation, and unconventional sonic experimentation—the fundamentals of 2018 hip-hop—he’s the God. He had his predecessors, sure, but when it comes to blending all of these elements together and popularizing them, his influence on today’s top rappers is undeniable, don’t you agree?

Big Baby, a rapper out of Tampa (Don’t Sleep On Florida Rap 2018), makes no secret of his love for Lil B, consistently paying homage to “The BasedGod” via Twitter and Instagram, even employing The Cooking Dance in his own music videos.

Big Baby is an auteur of the pretty boy music style, if you will; he’s refining Lil B’s innovative approach, putting his own spin on it, creating his own flows and his own persona.

Watch Big Baby flex 36 in the video for “Lucky Charm” (prod. by drip-133) above. TYBG.

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