♫♪  Birdman & Mannie Fresh - “Designer Caskets”

jDean lived in New Orleans. First time he an I met, it was at 285 Kent for a DJ set B2B w/ Sun Araw & D/P/I. Prior to their “performance” we went out to my car and smoked a bong that doesn’t exist any more. Then we danced the night away listening to random funky, dancehall, and hiphop burners mixed up by the legends themselves.

After, jDean and I became internet “partners,” which I referred to him as my internet boyfriend, and he and I would video chat with lots of early-on vaporwave folks like SPF420 or Saint Pepsi or Macintosh Plush on Fridays and Saturdays. All the while, I’m falling in love with jDean’s Tiny Mix Tapes reviews, Chocos, DeLoreans, and interviews. And when his albums dropped, I consistently and completely geeked.

When Tiny Mix Tapes held their first SXSW showcase, he hitched a ride out and stayed the night with me and Mr. P in some random hotel, and he carried all the weed. He posted my picture all over Grindr so people could find me, and eventually see him with a pepperoni pizza t-shirt on. Eventually, jDean missed the TMT/SXSW showcase to meet up with someone, and Mr. P and I stayed alone in a hotel bed together all night.

In the months after, Mr. P and I receive SnapChats and IGs from jDean about staying in bathhouses for weeks at a time, smoking meth in elevators and single person showers with multiple bodies stuffed in both locales. Eventually, we saw articles about jDean’s arrest in New Orleans. When he was released, all I got were gchats asking for money for food, which I’d respond with asking for an address to have pizza delivered. No response.

Big Tymers is back, b. Cash Money got a whole mixtape out right now and it’s flames, durr. “Designer Caskets” marks a new era that sounds very similar to an old w/ Birdman & Mannie Fresh. Can’t wait until jDean and I make our return. Looking forward to that forever.

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