♫♪  Bladee - “Apple”

Back on Trash Island, Bladee finds his new chain in a pile of waste, allowing him to level up for new single “Apple” (prod. Whitearmor, visuals Nile HQ). Drinking Listerine with his new braces, Bladee reflects on his Miami saga, somewhat of an out-of-Eden narrative (reading into the apple too much?). With two apples in his hands, he turns away from the old SBE focus on the digital as the end-all-be-all: “If it’s real, then it bleeds” (x3). And, to continue with the Big Book, Bladee finds himself playing with numerology — is it two or three? Was it two or three? Three for three for the aim? Three hundred for fakes? Why all the triangles? Either way, “the numbers fell from the rain.” He might even he a Christian mystic here, tripping on PCP, down on his knee, drenched in euphoria. We see a modern Swedish prophet.

Bladee’s career thus far has been focused on difference“the apple fell far from the tree.” He wasn’t what he was, he wasn’t ever you, you weren’t him, and you won’t be him. This shit is crazy.

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