♫♪  Blanck Mass - “D7-D5”

A post-industrial joint for a post-industrial world. This profound thrasher from Blanck Mass (Benjamin John Power, half of Fuck Buttons) is among the 2016 crop of Adult Swim Singles. Combining high BPM with constricting escalation, the track’s upsetting qualities are amplified through stark videography. A solitary man displays emotions ranging from apparent nonchalance to vague anxiety to demented outrage. Everything is designed to unsettle: the gradual (in too) close-ups, the remaining on the eyes, a sinister Blanck Mass glyph.

There’s action in non-action. Darkness under the surface. Eyes are barred windows to the soul. Cracks accumulate. The experience is as long as it is relentless. Eight minutes nearly. Emerge from this black and white setting with a brimming cup of well-earned dread tokens. Spend them freely in a charnel ground of hypnotic sound and light. You could win something.

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