♫♪  Bo Ningen - “Slider”

In the newest music video by the Japanese psychedelic rock unit Bo Ningen, geometric minimalism clashes with a deformed, trippy take on erotic fetishism. “Slider”, directed by avant-garde cinematographer Marie Schuller, feels like a modern-day, HD horror vision suspended somewhere between Robert Longo and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Shot in stark black and white, with splashes of hallucinatory, hologram-like pallette of colors every once and then, and distortions of vision, like after ingesting a powerful psychedelic drug. The contorted members of the band (in the vein of Longo’s “Men in the Cities” series, quick tip: the cover of Glenn Branca’s The Ascension) are contrasted with strangely S&M-like theater of symbols and gestures, with warped vision of naked posturing, reminiscent of the old exploitation films and kitschy, psychedelic horrors. And the track itself is a killer, too, with a perfect equilibrium between distorted, soaring freakouts to quieter lines and interludes and a great chorus to boot.

“Slider” is set to promote Bo Ningen’s newest LP, entitled simply III, to be released in physical form on June 25. You can buy the digital or material form either from iTunes, or the Stolen Recordings shop.

• Bo Ningen: http://boningen.info
• Stolen Recordings: http://www.stolenrecordings.co.uk

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