Boards Of Canada
Tomorrow’s Harvest [May 22nd Preview @Tokyo Shibuya Crossing]

Holy shit, y’all. Check out this smoking hot video from brand-new music group Boards of Canada. Their amateurish style of footage here really brings a grit to their calm embrace of electronic ambiance. Oh, wait, fuck. This has something to do with a special project, which was filmed by Tokyo’s very own video concrète voyeur Darren Willis. Okay, so like washed-out nature and shit. Damn, how’d these newccomers Boards of Canada get so hyped for their upcoming album Tomorrow’s Harvest? And mmmmdamn, it’s a double LP on Warp Records? Where’d this group come from? What secrets have they been hiding from listeners all these years? Sounds like y’all have to scope out their new 2xLP on Warp this June 10 for more sounds.

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