♫♪  The Body and Full Of Hell - “Farewell, Man”

What a week! I’m not kidding you, everybody, it’s just been a killer at work, what with all these reports and meetings and presentations and that jaunt down to Atlanta on Wednesday morning to meet that client who we couldn’t even sign a contract with (and I HATE Atlanta, not least because of those awful Braves), and then I had to fly back home later in the day, and oh god, it’s just been so draining. Listen, I haven’t been sleeping great either, lots of stress, etc. etc., there’s a weird fungus growing on the siding of my house next to the front door, and I’m worried that it’s gonna, like, spread all through the house and we’ll be breathing it in. I even had a stress dream last night about it — my parents were in it, and all the outer walls of the house were screened porches, and it had rained, and the house was all wet, and I was freaking out, and my dad’s like, “Don’t worry about it, it’ll dry.” I woke up in a cold sweat, and it was 2:30 a.m., and I couldn’t sleep — all I could think about was the board presentation I had barely started compiling into PowerPoint. God, what a terrible freaking week! Atlanta, for god’s sake!

That’s why this weekend jaunt to Pennsylvania’s great Appalachian woods for a little fly-fishing action is so important to me — I’ve got to unwind and get my head on straight before I’m right back in the office on Monday to start this whole roller coaster over again. Hopefully it won’t be so bad - I don’t have any travel on the ol’ itinerary, so at least I won’t have to worry about that. But now it’s just me and some Grannoms, some Green Caddis, a Blue Wing Olive or two, and a bunch of Midges. Next stop, Trout City! I’m just gonna wade out into the shallows here, get ready to cast…

GOD! What’s that racket?! Why are these menacing black-robed figures prowling the woods to what sounds like a progressive black crust metal soundtrack? Don’t they understand that I just can’t take this right now, that I need to relax? No, stay away from the riverbank, you’ll scare all the fish! Please, for the love of my sanity, leave me be!

Oh, it’s you, The Body and Full of Hell? Why didn’t you say so?! Your video shoot is welcome here. I’ll just sleep next week.

New record Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light is available November 17 from Thrill Jockey. I guess nobody’ll be sleeping that weekend either, what with all the brand new wax blasting out of our speakers.

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