♫♪  Breeze Brewin - “Road Rage”

Road rage might be all the rage the talk of the town due to a recent headline-making motorcycle attack gone viral, but it’s by no means a new phenomenon. Hell, for C Monster, it’s practically a religion unto itself. There’s just something about sitting in a 3,500-pound object traveling at 75 miles per hour that turns people into deranged lunatics. On “Road Rage,” the GOAT Breeze Brewin gets to the crux of this psychological problem, spitting “Been locked in the lane with impossible anguish/ It’s blocks of the same shit gridlocked in the Matrix/ Anger in our voice the pounding up in our head’s real/ If we had a choice I doubt we’d want in the red pill/ See it be hard when it seem there’s no real flow/ When you used to being in charge now you going nowhere slow.”

Counting “Brew’IN Control’” and “Dear Autumn,” this song marks the third Brewin release of 2013, once again giving rise to the $64,000 question, “Will The Juggaknots’ frontman finally release his proper solo debut, or perhaps more optimistically, if and when he does, how many innocent pedestrians will I run over on my way to get it?”

(Hopefully yes and probably three or four.)

• Juggaknots: https://twitter.com/juggaknots

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