Brogan Bentley
“Ask When I’m Night”

Oddly enough, if it’s not a straight dance LP, all the other records I’ve obtained this year (aside from SONNE and Clear Moon) have been from dance labels (Hyperdub, 100% Silk, etc.). And, I don’t mean to mark “Ask When I’m Night” as this exactly, but it’s definitely MY “I’m Trying” track this year. Only, “I’m Trying” sounds like void’s voice on 45rpms, and Brogan Bentley’s new Self Titled EP on Leaving Records is a cassette. But I’d never say vinyl is better than cassette. It ain’t my place/generation to say that. Grew up using cassettes. Only wish I had a machine to slow my reels down. Especially late-night-style featuring Brogan Bentley. Crisp air blowing in through your car windows. Air you’ll miss come November/December — shit, maybe even October or August. So, suck it all in deep, and exhale when you feel right; then visit Leaving Records for your copy of Brogan Bentley’s new Self Titled EP today! Make them summer nights last a reel lifetime.

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