♫♪  Broken Water - “Love and Poverty”

Ok, so Night People moved to Minnesota, DON’T mean they slowed down any. ‘Cause out NOW is the newest LP Wrought by the infamous players Broken Water. Wrought was recorded and mixed with Steve Fisk (Nirvana/Beat Happening), is the key to all your shoegaze/garage/lo-fi rockers out there, and “Love and Poverty” is the exact example of this sort of worship.

Breathy vocals. Guitars fried and strummed with attuned embodiment. A little lick that picks up from your favorite 90s guitar solo and completely murders it. Contained frantics. Steady drumming. The package is complete. Night People has got it. “Love and Poverty” is just a taste. Wrought is out NOW!

• Broken Water: http://brokenwatermusic.bandcamp.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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