♫♪  Buffalo Moon - “Moses Baby”

Moon Glyph got shit on lock. In their glow orbits Buffalo Moon’s new album, Selva Surreal #outnow. It possesses this desert-science fiction aura with a hint, I SAY, a hint of jazz. And there will never be enough break dancing in this world to cure me of sax-sickness. But thanks to Landon Odle for trading me Wetsuit for my Sevens That Spells tape, I got laid last time I listened to Buffalo Moon.

@”Moses Baby”
- Check out the pit hair, *mm*
- See that sneaky/quick background snatch?
- Moses looks like the bassist from Personal and the Pizzas.
- Director of video probably was like, “Long movements, ya-dig? We can’t afford slow-mo. Kthxbye.”
- People were way self conscious about wrist fat #cue_dancers.
- One last thing before the credits: “All That She Wants” @Any1Else?

• Buffalo Moon: http://www.myspace.com/buffalomoon
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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