♫♪  Caleb Giles - “Wondering” ft. Standing On The Corner

YouTube comment sections are typically a place of AM-radio-type Armageddon. By contrast, all of the twelve comments for “Wondering” are very polite. The longest one reads:

As Caleb descends into the water, he tells us, “been tired and hopeless, feel fire approaching, for the things that I’ve done.” When Standing On The Corner finally sings, “Pain felt strange until I spoke with you,” Caleb reaches the water and is consumed by it. He expected fire, but instead he was baptized.

Just my interpretation. Simply beautiful video, I can’t wait to see what you all do next.

Which, wow, that’s really nice. I’d only add that, off just two projects, the name Caleb Giles is already a credit to the legendary writing credit, C. Giles, and that Standing On the Corner and Slauson Malone, who, respectively feature on and produce this track, continue to amaze. Their handiwork’s all over the credits and overall aesthetic of Caleb’s new album, There Will Be Rain, from which this song was taken, so you’d do well to get on that, too.

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