Call Back The Giants
“The Rising” / “The Lizard”

The opening moments of this video had me fooled: I thought it’d turn out to be another typical hypnagogic half-remembered vanilla latte bullshit synth excursion. Turns out, it’s a lot more fragmented, non-linear, and minimal, attributes that get me drooling when listening to experimental music. But I really should’ve known better, as the two tracks in the video are by Call Back The Giants, the project of former Shadow Ring member Tim Goss, who plays here with Chloe Mutter and sometimes-member Big Rob Stewart.

Graham Lambkin (Goss’ Shadow Ring buddy and TMT favorite) has just released the group’s second album, The Rising, via his Kye imprint (which was also responsible for Lambkin’s now-classic Salmon Run, #15 on our decade list). For info on obtaining a copy (or 20) of The Rising, email Kye at It’s limited to 1000.

Meanwhile, check out more Kye-related videos here and another preview of the new album courtesy of Kent, Ohio store/label Experimedia here.

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