♫♪  CAN - “Vitamin C”

“Her daddy got a big aeroplane
Her mommy holds all the family cash
A beautiful blows, I stay at the corner
She is living in and out of tune”

CAN have always felt anachronistic to me — so far ahead of their time, yet still decidedly out of step, no matter which decade you plopped them in. It’s now 2017, roughly 45 years since Ege Bamyasi was released, and we’re finally getting an official video for one of their best and most well-known tracks, “Vitamin C.” It feels weird to have a visual tied to such anachronistic music, especially one depicting a humanoid robot dancing/flying/etc., but again, it’s 2017, and anything goes in 2017.

The video, created by Josh Graham at Suspended In Light, is the final installment of a triptych that also includes videos for “She Brings the Rain” and “Dizzy Dizzy.” It was released to promote CAN’s latest collection, The Singles, which is out now on Mute.

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