♫♪  The Caretaker - “I Feel As If Might Be Vanishing”

I’m glad this video is part of a trilogy. When I was walking my dog ‘round midnight Monday, I was giving An Empty Bliss Beyond this World (TMT Review) a re: listen, but forgot I had my player on shuffle. It totally worked with this album, like it do with Crazy For You. So it’s nice knowing the video trilogy will abed to my viewing/listening pleasure. Also, it’s The Caretaker, and his shit’s blowing up in twenty eleven because of this release, right? Well, it blew me up, and I can’t go down.

The trilogy was directed by Video Marsh, who also did clips for other C-named bands like Caribou and Crystal Castles. It’s all total smear stuff and you might see yourself in the video, or a humming bird, or a tree. I don’t know. There’s a grainy white noise effect to the image that presents the same kind of illusory hallucination, only, like, visually. Buuuuuuut, my girlfriend is painting her toenails, it stiiiiiinks, and I’m thinking about going “all work and no play” up in this bitch: cue me An Empty Bliss Beyond this World.

• Caretaker: http://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com
• Video Marsh: http://videomarsh.com

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