♫♪  Carla dal Forno - “You Know What It’s Like”

From a series of IKEA-perfect bedrooms, “You Know What It’s Like” paused on the computer, or the last thing heard before falling into bed, the needle trailing off. Soundtrack to thin patterned sheets pinned over the window, blocking out the morning, getting out of bed, early, sitting in the kitchen. Waiting for the 6am train, and then back in bed by 8am. Blackest Ever Black billows from the thick cracks in the front room, enveloping, upon entering: the church bells ring out three times each day, ad infinitum, and I always forget to open the window. I might be a little bit sad. Thick musk. You know. A song to be thrown on, comfortably low, like, I can only sleep with the TV on, its blue glow.

Carla dal Forno’s eponymous solo album, her first, builds on the 7-inch, Fast Moving Cars, which she released on Blackest earlier this year. Get digi + physi copies here, and be sure to check out the similarly handheldy video for her single “What You Gonna Do Now?”

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