♫♪  Celestial Shore - “Hour Minute” / “Valerie”

Whoa! There’s no other band out there atm that seems to successfully and compellingly mine the space/psych/OG indie pop/fuzz/art/[whatever else] rock vernaculars to such effect — and affect — as Brooklyn’s own Celestial Shore. Their craft consists of tightly concocted and disjointed harmonies with labyrinthine melodies so rambling and spasmodic it’s as if they’re belonging in the grand[ly nutty] tradition of Ornette Coleman’s free-jazz transliterated through time and culture by the likes of This Heat’s prog-/post-rock stylings. At least, that’s what the trio’s debut album 10x — released only a few weeks back on Hometapes via LP, CD, and digital — may have you believe. Watch the videos for Celestial Shore’s album singles “Hour Minute” and “Valerie” below:

• Celestial Shore: http://www.celestialshore.com
• Hometapes: http://home-tapes.com/Hometapes/Home.html

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