♫♪  CFCF - “Intimacy/Night Music”

That ting in the air ain’t no woodwind, it’s exactly CFCF. Lo-fi tangoing with the hi-fi. Wamps acting like shit ain’t reality. Feeling the flavor of our land. All land. We out her wildin’ like fucking animals. Not savage. Not disorganized. Emotions straight. Priorities set. Linear prognosis. That fade across the horizon like a waving mirage, but it’s dust on the VHS reel. Memories like living in the woods. Eating off leaves. Cricket snacks. But completely at peace with the world. Organic. And in complete 1080p visuals from your eye to the world. Don’t believe me? Follow the direction video above for CFCF’ “Intimacy/Night Music,” repeat these activities IRL and find the OM you’ve been looking for in life.

• CFCF: https://soundcloud.com/cfcf
• 1080p Collection: http://1080pcollection.net

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