♫♪  The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - “Something Just Like This (Live at the BRITs)”

If you’re expecting a harsh Coldplay smackdown, this is the wrong place. My TMT colleague S. David dropped some wisdom with a recent review/takedown of Chris Martin & co.’s recent EP. No doubt Coldplay is a laughably stupid band, and it’s hard to fathom their ability to stay on the charts for twenty years (!) of blandness. And, if we’re being honest, their EDM cash grab with The Chainsmokers, “Something Just Like This,” reeks of a cheap crossover. I can’t deny it, but I also cannot deny that it’s a catchy tune! Some readers, and even some of my fellow writers, might be thinking I went off the deep end, and they’re probably right. Real talk 101: I dug Deadmau5 when I was 17, and that crap got me to check out Aphex and other, better electronic tunes. The core demographic for Chainsmokers, and Coldplay, are idiots, but there could be some curious listeners willing to dig a little deeper and become serious heads in a couple years. In a way, that’s all pretty positive, isn’t it? Also, I’m just gonna say it, this song is sick!

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