♫♪  Chambers - “Signal Flare 1” (preview)

I have to say I never really listened to Yellow Swans, and didn’t quite comprehend how big it was to see Gabriel Saloman play live at Debacle Fest in 2k13 (another fun fact: I also didn’t realize how popular Pete Swanson was until another Debacle-related live event). Since then I’ve been tuned in, and his post-Yellow Swans solo work stands out as some sturdy, politically oriented drone/noise/experimental works among a crowded field of like-minded Pacific Northwest drone heads. When Debacle Records and I sat down for a preview of this year’s fest, they also brought up this exciting new project featuring Saloman and Michael Red, called Chambers. Well, now the Vancouver duo has offered up the first taste of Signal Flare 1, their new EP via Debacle (out October 2).

While the video above is a mere two minutes and twelve seconds, I’m not gonna lie when I say that I am very excited for this one. Not only am I particularly drawn to low-key ambient dub, but when it comes out of the Pacific Northwest (in this case Vancouver, B.C., not Vancouver, Washington!) I can’t help but listen and think of a drizzly day when I stare out at Puget Sound and see nothing but the thick clouds and the occasional boat roll by. It is a very chill effect. And if this one release isn’t enough, Chambers will drop a full-length companion piece early next year, so there’s lots to be excited about if you’re digging these sounds. Pre-orders aren’t up yet but stay tuned!

• Chambers: http://www.chambers-dub.net
• Debacle Records: http://debaclerecords.com

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