♫♪  Charles Barabé - Adieu Fantôme B

Charles Barabé (pronunciation here) stole my TV! Psych! He just stole my breath. DOUBLE PSYCH! He just borrowed it. And he gave it back, eventually, after I had already passed out from lack of oxygen. Nice guy; a goddamn thief, but a nice guy.

Like nightmare television for the sleepless (does that even make sense?), the above clip is extremely representative of the rest of the cassette — alarming, spectral, foreboding. Entitled Adieu Fantôme and released earlier this month on (((Cave))) Records alongside Ala Vjiior’s Detours & Details and a split between Brian Beaudry and Gianluca Favaron, the c30 from which the audio is pulled is highly recommended, as are the other two releases. That is, if you don’t want to get to sleep tonight. Might as well stay up and get weird, right?

• Charles Barabé: http://vimeo.com/user16892672
• (((Cave))) Records: http://www.caverecordings.blogspot.com

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