♫♪  Chris Carter - “Moon Two”

“Moon Two” is NOT the sequel to Duncan Jones’s masterpiece Moon, which is a damn shame because Moon is awesome and more Moon would just be the greatest. (Anybody seen, Jones’s Mute, by the way? No? I haven’t.)

“Moon Two” is the latest video from erstwhile Gristle Throbber, etc., Chris Carter, whose album CCCL Volume One (CCCL stands for “Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons,” btw) on Mute is a big fat synthesizer fantasmagoria. A chemistry lesson, indeed, for the ears, where the sounds combine like elements within the ear canal and simmer as if the ear canal was like, I dunno, a beaker on a Bunsen burner or something.

The steam from this experiment wisps across the moon at night, in real time, in real life. Behold, and be entranced.

Anybody but me now wondering what a sequel to Moon collectively directed by the early period TG crew would be like? Dare I imagine?

I always dare.

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