♫♪  Christina Vantzou - “Going Backwards to Recover What was Left Behind”

Christina Vantzou. Attractive in an intense, polite fashion, an astounding composer, apparently a good director as well, and, just like me, loves a shot of Phantom Miro (that’s a video camera, not a mixed drink). *Ahem* call me.

Her new album is called Nº2, and you should be listening to this album if:
you have just recovered from a devastating break-up.
you have just recovered from a devastating loss.
you intend on breaking up with somebody soon.
you intend on killing somebody soon.
you are walking in slow motion on the beach.
you are lost in a forest.
you are at home alone and it is raining outside.
you are lying on the couch scratching your dogs back.
you are nervous.
you are in love.
you are lost.
you are.

The video for “Going Backwards to Recover What was Left Behind” enhances the listening experience by visually accompanying the more subtle gestures of the song, engaging both senses simultaneously, and when deemed most appropriate by the composer. There is light when you are supposed to be watching, allowing some of the most delicate instrumental flourishes to shine through, and there is dark when you are supposed to be listening, as the force of the music needs no accompaniment.The song itself is like an overture, but instead of building to a grandiose finish, it fades introspectively. Going backwards to recover what was left behind, but then realizing maybe it should just be left there.

• Christina Vantzou: http://christinavantzou.com
• Kranky Records: http://kranky.net

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