♫♪  Clams Casino - “Ghost In A Kiss” / “Be Somebody”

Grant Singer directs a visual meditation on slipped-away past and hollowed-out present. Future Island-er Samuel T. Herring stars and sings, playing the role of moody moper captivatingly well, with all the trimmings and trappings: the microwaved meals, a boxed up apartment, those pensive golden hour car rides. His voice a deep ache.
Everyman Sam works at a warehouse, putting in an honest day, hopefully without the memories creeping. Maybe a nod to the “memory warehouse” of King’s Dreamcatcher, itself a nod to the method of loci, a mnemonic tool of mental/spatial remembering? Probably not. Yet the association leads to an off-kilter blur of inner and outer impressions. Events could be the past, an imagined present, a future possibility.

As is often the case, melancholy gives way to a disturbed obsessiveness, a point driven home as vocals plunge into injured growl. Already a veteran producer, it’s worth noting this track is from Clams’s official debut. The video, and others from 32 Levels out so far, indeed presents a different style.

All that cloud vapor, turned to ice.

Meanwhile, also check out Clams in collaboration with Lil B and A$AP Rocky on another new track, “Be Somebody.” The album is out tomorrow.

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