♫♪  Cop Circles - “Cowtowwn”

No one is in charge of their awkwardness like Luke Leavitt of Denver’s newest and 100% best-est weirdo keytar solo project Cop Circles, and this fresh video for the lead track on his latest EP, which is now available as a name-your-price download, is straight-up proof of that authority. The video captures not only the general weirdness of his music’s insatiable, hook-laden nerd-funk, but also the sheer aggressiveness and unbridled confidence Leavitt manages to consistently bring to the stage in a live setting. Sum total is the kind of thing that, while certainly confrontational, is also doubly effective as an invitation to get close. Real close. Uncomfortably close. Scrape-your-cheek-on-his-braces-close. And once you’re in there, the lower half of your body may have a tough time controlling itself. But that’s completely normal. Just go with it.

P.S. Stick around for one of the more memorable music video credit sequences in recent memory at the end, featuring Colin Ward of Alphabets.

• Cop Circles: http://www.copcircles.com

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