♫♪  copeland - “copeland657”

“Fit,” the first track tossed into the world by a post-Hype Williams copeland, served to demonstrate the producer’s ongoing float-game finesse, cooing at a comfortably high altitude and protected from any ragged realities below. On new track/video “copeland657,” she’s back on the dirty Earth, getting in a few stretches with new trainers before bounding off down a forest trail with confidence and start-stop precision. The meandering city-synth twinkle of earlier material gives the song a familiar wooziness but mixes with dangers more immediate than malaise — namely, swooping owl attacks — to give the track a hard edge, something akin to exerting yourself within a dream.

Interested in where things might lead from here? Nab tickets to the Sonar festival this June, where copeland will “present her new unreleased material.” Londoners can also catch her performing with Martyn on February 2 at Corsica Studios.

• copeland: https://www.youtube.com/copeland657

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