♫♪  Cough Cool - “Months”

Bathetic Records blogged this video for their band Cough Cool: the sounds are from the track “Months,” visions are by Melissa Cha. Cha (cha-cha-cha!) finds a nice visual analogue for this kind of music — her sources are generally mundane (canals, fields, skies), and, wisely, she applies only the slightest effect, adding reflections where reflections should not exist and playing with the palette. At first, with the river shot, there seems to be nothing odd, but when we head to the fields, there’s some crisp distortion at work, not unlike the specific control Cough Cool keeps over its fuzz and reverb. This sort of video, with the marriage between familiar and strange, keeps Bathetic true to its name.

• Cough Cool: http://coughcool.tumblr.com
• Bathetic Records: http://batheticrecords.com

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