♫♪  Coyote Clean Up x Daytime Television - “McKayla Scowl”

Best cam-version movie I ever downloaded was Crank 2. That grainy camera filter matched the movie’s ambition to continually one-up itself, with a digital smear serving as a reminder of the brash content in this day and age, as well as a subconscious visual censor. The sound was so blown out — holy shit, the limo shootout scene was pure noise: guns spitting, yelling, music on music, squealing tires, glass breaking… they were all “cam’d” at the same volume level.

It’s triply my favorite when musicians do this type of thing. Usually it’s in a sound-mash sort of way, as it is here with “McKayla Scowl” by Coyote Clean Up and Daytime Television, but they went that extra visual step, and that’s exciting. Having musician expression beyond my ears, especially for a song without lyrical direction, is always risky. The visual experience should remain just as personal in thought as the track, but still provide some sort of creative direction in the viewer’s/listener’s thoughts. So bring on the beat and trance, smear it with a little (LOT) of digital presentation doubt, and we’ve the perfect example: “McKayla Scowl.” Also, my boii Daytime Television here is from my hometown Dayton, OH. #Ibereppinmycity

• Coyote Clean Up: http://coyotecleanup.bandcamp.com
• Daytime Television: http://daytimetelevision.tumblr.com

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