♫♪  CP Unit - “Guillotine”

Picture an old man, like WWII-vet old. Grandpa might not remember much, but he’ll be damned if he forgets that chocolate ice cream cake is his favorite kind of cake. Every year, for who knows how many years, his wife and daughter have asked him, “What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?” And every year, for who knows how many years, he’s told them, “Chocolate ice cream cake,” because the only dessert better than chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream is chocolate ice cream cake. Grandpa might not remember much, but he does remember a time when chocolate ice cream cake wasn’t a thing, and he knows it’s not a time he’d like to go back to — well — at least not on his birthday.

Now picture grandpa forgetting it’s his birthday right in front of the chocolate ice cream cake, right when it’s his cue to blow out the candles. Panic ensues. No one knows what to do. The family scrambles, hauling grandpa off in his birthday suit, the candles still burning atop an abandoned chocolate ice cream cake. Someone extinguish the fire before it melts the world.

CP Unit is comprised of composer Chris Pitsiokos on alto saxophone, Brandon Seabrook on electric guitar, Tim Dahl on electric bass and Weasel Walter on drums. Their album Before The Heat Death is out now on Clean Feed Records.

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