♫♪  crx091081gb - “Guilty Pleasure”

Go and love something mechanical. Over-romanticize its function in your life. Take Arthur C Clarke’s advice and deem any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic. ALT+F4 this hardhearted industrial world and tell it secrets. They’ll be your muse, and you their soldering iron. Maybe you’ll be friends for the summer and never speak again. Maybe shit goes down and Will Smith will be your likeness in another man vs. machine dystopian blockbuster. Maybe you’ll get wavy like Robin Price and his music computer. Maybe the video for “Guilty Pleasures” is instead the utopia of Robin and his music computer where we rave lakeside, on the ruins of our ancestors. Maybe it’s only footage from 90s bohemians. Maybe it will turn into a disappointing narrative and get an Oscar nod.

Definitely pick up Trago Acid Mills on cassette over at Travin System Records.

• CRX091081GB: http://crx091081gb.net
• Travin System Records: http://travinsystems.com

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