YAY!!!! Unnecessarily swelled beats and fucked fighting. Creature bongs releasing lungs on lungs on lungs full of smoke. Getting them babies swinging and ripppppppppped. Try’na tell a toon to chill, ‘cause chase creeps can’t crash. “SUGARBRUSH,” yo — shit, CULP can’t crash. Like, the only way someone should enhance their CULP experience is to pop the new album TUNA into Audacity and MAX that bass. That’s my favorite part of all this CULP grime-pop: when the bass completely scorches the melody. Only competition with this is that Bolo Yeung volume collection off Dat Piff. But, I think the mythos of who the fuck makes these fresh beats is my biggest heartboner moment with CULP. Whoodie!!!!!!!!!!!!

• CULP: http://www.myspace.com/culprit303
• Vaatican Records: http://gestrococlub.org/tympans.htm

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