♫♪  Cuticle - “Geometric Narrative”

Found out about the new Cuticle LP through Joe Knight when he messaged me about the new Rangers LP that just came out on Not Not Fun recently. Scoped the new video — along-side TMT pal and NNF enthusiast, JasonC — and instantly e-mailed Britt (whether or not he was on tour and playing in a 15 c. castle on October 31) asking if he could prove Mind Holding Pattern was as good as the video-single sounds I heard in “Geometric Narrative.” And I wasn’t a big fan of Mother Rhythm Earth Memory, just a select amount of tracks, so I wanted to double check by listening to the entire beast, and that’s exactly what it is: enough tracks to shred a rug and torch your roof tar.

Look, I can admit when I’m not into a Not Not Fun release, and I think they respect that, but Cuticle’s newest LP Mind Holding Pattern is something to behold (yet, again). Negate that esoterica (on occasion) clinging to Not Not Fun); nix that nonsense about house-ism and kraut-krudding. Cuticle brings production psychedelia on a story-telling plane of existence that gives back to listeners 10-fold.

• Cuticle: https://soundcloud.com/cuticle
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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