♫♪  DāM-FunK - “I Don’t Want to Be a Star”

Have you ever wanted to live a day in the life of DāM-FunK? Well, with his video for “I Don’t Want to Be a Star,” now you can. The Los Angeles funk prophet has so graciously allowed the cameras to follow him as he goes about his daily routine: smokin’ blunts, making smokin’ beats, and most importantly, driving around in his smokin’ Cadillac listening to his smokin’ beats while smokin’ blunts. Plus, there’s even a vehicular tour of L.A. in the mix, with some pretty awesome shots of the City of Angels at night. Now, typically one should never look at YouTube comments — although this rule applies more to VEVO videos — but as an especially astute viewer points out, at 1:10 there are some palm tree shadows that, bizarrely enough, closely resemble Prince. Let’s take that as a sign of divine approval.

• DāM-FunK: http://stonesthrow.com/damfunk
• Stones Throw: http://stonesthrow.com

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