In the most avant-garde filbook-style video collage, Miko Revereza presents Dak in black and white. Seize your gaze upon imagery, both wingding and stock, for a colorful array of beats and sensory overload. Take it to the next level. Show this to someone 10 years older than you, and watch ‘em smack around your monitor for a clearer image. Nahhhh, I’m just being ageist; that’s not real. Maybe. But Matthew McQueen is reely providing vibes over at Leaving Records, and y’all are keeping up. Gotta wade through all these other micro-genres and digital label entities to keep up with all the Dak post-hip-hop love, but the reward is all in your ears. Thank goodness someone like Miko is around bringing that reward straight to your cortex (opposed to just your eyes/vision). Hi!

• Dak: http://ddust.net
• Miko Revereza: http://mikorevereza.tumblr.com
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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