♫♪  Dean Blunt - “100”

“100” is the fourth track on Dean Blunt’s last LP Black Metal (TMT Review), and it was the number that drew me completely into the conflicting dichotomy the album began possessing both audibly and inside of me. Impatience is a bitch, and driving ‘round, (potentially) getting lost in whatever neighborhood is super irritating, but if you’re “Dying to meet” someone, it’ll feel like an eternity of frustration. Yet, Blunt (classically) keeps his fucking cool. Not only vocally composed, but visually on camera, as well. And stocked with muscle at the trigger, ain’t nothing stopping Blunt from his pursuit of passion. Ever.

Yet, ever since our boii Papaya went up in NYC to witness the War Report, gripping a BUNCH of written-out “War Report” sheets Blunt provided for free, I’ve been on a rampage reading it. Mostly because my phone got stolen in the gym locker room and I only got “War Report” to read. Though, if I followed the OBVIOUS lead, I’d be another white boy caught copying a stack of these at work, having left one in the Xerox machine, and eventually getting shit canned. But it’s in my pocket, kept safe, and will soon be housed in Black Metal.

But it’s official: Dean Blunt is a Tiny Mix Taper. The one-two-three: 1) Quote at the beginning of his work, 2) Continuing to flourish art while trying to keep nonchalantly private (SEE: Papaya, Mr. P, Bort, Squeo, Mukqs, Birkut, Weaver, Max Power, Monet Maker, etc.), and 3) We all wear flight jackets and have HENCH drive our Bentley coupes.


• Dean Blunt: https://www.youtube.com/user/pollyjacobsen
• Rough Trade: http://roughtraderecords.com

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