♫♪  Dean Blunt - “On Wine, Hashish and Molly”

Dean Blunt has taken to YouTube to drop some Earth Wisdom. It’s a psychoactive trip that I would prefer not to spoil, but I should note that I opened my eyes around 11 minutes in and realized that I had forget to finish the end tail of a blink. I had actually forgotten to open my eyes. I realized that, when my eyes were closed and I just absorbed the energies and sounds that were filling the room by this track, the music was a lot more enjoyable. My friends were crawling all over and engaging in all sorts of odd and hilarious antics. My friend Squeo had an M&M suit on, and was gallantly screaming some Chinx Drugs lyrics. The very visualization made me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before.

I had terrible cotton mouth. But that tap water tasted fucking amazing. It was like liquid gold.

• Dean Blunt: http://tmxt.es/344t

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