♫♪  Dean Blunt’s Babyfather - “Sting freestyle”

Dean Blunt has a reputation for keeping us at arm’s length, but our role as listeners can be just as inscrutably evasive, scrolling and tabbing and clicking through digital wastelands with non-committal, privatized ease. So, it’s in these moments of Blunt-ian confrontation, placed among the otherwise faceless stream of surreal computer art and concealed physicalities, where we can bask in his overt nakedness, to use the screen as a temporal gateway to Blunt’s own body-position.

“Sting freestyle” continues Blunt’s beautiful string of freestyles (scare quotes optional). The track, which features a Kanye interpolation, is not on Babyfather’s upcoming album.

Check out a live performance of the song above, and look for Babyfather’s BBF hosted by DJ Escrow April 1 on Hyperdub.

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