♫♪  Denzel Curry - “Zenith”

After his break from Spaceghostpurrp and the Raider Klan, Floridian Denzel Curry hasn’t quite found his footing as a storyteller. Imperial, one of our favorite mixtapes from March and recent recipient of a wider release, bangs anyway.

The Imperial re-release features two new tracks, “Me Now” and “Good Night.” Curiously, it drops “Narcotics” and “Pure Enough,” by turns the most political and most vulnerable tracks on the original release back in March. The only thing you really need to know, though, is that this new version still has “Gook.” Seriously, just go listen to “Gook.”

To mark the re-release, Curry dropped a video for “Zenith” ft. Joey Bada$$, where he and New Era’s finest act out a politically ambiguous drama (white clothes! black clothes! a wall that’s there but isn’t there! an ultimate coming together!) that feels more like a stage play than a coming-out video for a member of XXL’s 2016 freshman class.

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