♫♪  Destroyer - “Girl In A Sling”

What is a house?

A temporary structure on a commodity.

But then, we wouldn’t know this. We spend our lives filling them with junk.

With items. With events. With memories.

However, a house is a temporary structure.

Replaceable. Destructible.

The true commodity is the land that it sits on, even if the structure is filled with overpriced trinkets and aesthetics that will die out in about five years.

And when that commodity’s value far exceeds what anyone can afford, then no more items. Events. Memories.

They go elsewhere.

Instead, there’s just boards of plywood covering something that is too costly to destroy.

A house is a ruin, in the end.

• Destroyer: https://soundcloud.com/destroyerband
• Merge Records: https://www.mergerecords.com

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