♫♪  Diane Cluck - “Heartloose” (live)

Holy moly, Diane Cluck is so quaint and sweet that I’m getting “Heartloose.” Er, her personality as a performer and musician makes my heart feel dislodged, but in a WAY WAY good WAY. And although her guitar playing is no Daniel Higgs live, the voice Diane Cluck belts out so serenely makes nearly every bit of me slip away. Thus: “Heartloose.”

Even though that’s not REALLY what “Heartloose” is about lyrically, it’s something I believe in while listening. You can grip Diane Cluck entire new album Boneset here-here-here on the free-skrill, which also contains the track “Heartloose.” If you’re so inclined, you can snag the CD and/or 10-inch from Important Records here-here. Enjoy the melt above!

• Diane Cluck: http://dianecluck.info
• Important Records: http://www.importantrecords.com

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