♫♪  Die Antwoord - “Pitbull Terrier”

FUK! Is it just me that hoped this might be a completely awful joint single with everyone’s least favourite slap-head gangster? For the world cup?!

Now that would have been truly subversive.

Maybe after the incest, blackface and bad handle-bar moustaches, the most controversial thing for Ninja and Yo Landi to do would be release a motivational samba song with PITBULL and JAY LOW themselves?

Instead they douse the poor man with a water pistol and maul him to death, not a fair dog fight.

Visually it’s a classic Die Antwoord dystopia, with a few less giggles and bit more gore; prosthetic canine masks, dark industrial wastelands, moments of frenetic humping, and obviously a total lack of restraint with the fake blood and contact lens budgets.

Yet the weirdest thing about the whole piece is the idea of the pair sitting watching Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica’s cinematic love letter to Balkan gypsy music, Black Cat White Cat, and deciding to construct a single based upon the favored anthem of its leading comic gangster, Dadan. Sure enough, Kusturica is there at the bottom of what must be one of the longest Youtube credit lists on record, his song apparently “Used With Permission”.

I guess there’s an energetic abandon that links both parties into this weird feedback loop of transnational satire, partly ridiculing the plastic gangsterism of the Pitbull’s of this world, partly reveling in their virility.

You can decide for yourself who the real subversives are, or who is taking themselves too seriously. I’ll be blasting the original in the club with these guys and a wad of Hungarian cash, enjoying the far smaller “About Section”, which in three words sums up all we need to know: “funny music video”.

New album Donker Mag is out on June 3 via Zef Recordings.

• Die Antwoord: http://www.dieantwoord.com

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